The Benefits of a Charcoal Barbecues

When it’s time to you to upgrade your barbecuing equipment or perhaps you’re purchasing for the first time, you may be wondering about the differences between charcoal barbecues and gas barbecues. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each, and the best way to see which is right for you, is to try […]

A Guide to Timber Garden Sheds

Buying a garden shed is not just a simple task of going to your local garden centre, and purchasing the model they have on show. You will be disappointed because you didn’t take a little more care and time over choosing the right make and model for your particular circumstances. Your time will be better […]

Turn a Garden Shed Into a Cosy Garden Office

There has been much talk over the past decade about reducing the high numbers of people that are travelling long distances just to get to work. Not only does this harm the environment and potentially cause global warming, but it also stresses the occupants of cars, buses and trains as they waste hours every day […]

How to build the ultimate games room

The ultimate games room seems the plaything of just the superrich or the spoilt offspring of the superrich. They sit there in their gaming palaces, milkshake in one hand, control in the other, while they chat on wireless headphones to other members of this exclusive club. However, with a bit of creativity and expertise you […]

The Benefits Of A Metal Garden Shed

There’s a reason most of us place a garden shed in our garden. It’s to provide a secure shed location for you to store your lawnmower, power tools, hand tools and a variety of pots, paints and anything else you don’t want to keep in your house. A metal shed provides an extremely cost-effective method […]

Tips For Choosing Kitchen Bar Stools

Check out any interiors magazine these days and every stylish kitchen has a “breakfast bar” built in. The advantages of this arrangement over the more traditional kitchen table is that it takes up less room whilst seating the same number of people and has a streamlined look, since it sits at the same height as […]

Buying Family Friendly Furnishing

If you want to buy new furniture, but you worry how you will keep it nice with children around, there are ideas you can follow to get items with style that can stand up to wear and tear. You do not have to buy inexpensive items that do not fit your style just because you […]

Heating Your Home Electronically

A number of modern homes are opting to install electric heating. There are a number of reasons for this: Electric radiators are easy and affordable to install, they require no plumbing, and funding for solar panels is making it easier to get a clean green electricity supply. One thing electric heating has never been particularly […]

Choosing Indoor Hot Tubs

The fun of indoor hot tubs is a sure way to have a great summer this year, whatever the weather! It would be lovely to think that Britain will be blessed with a glorious summer, where the sun shines from June until September and evenings and weekends can be spent in the garden with the […]

The Benefits of Dual Fuel Energy Tariffs

Last winter saw energy suppliers including EDF Energy, British Gas and npower making cuts in energy prices, in some cases by 5%. This, in part, balanced significant price increases made last year and was greeted with moderate enthusiasm from consumers. In autumn 2011, gas prices increased by an average of 17.4% and electricity prices by […]